Making the
Best Moments

A Gathering Place for Any Occasion

The CTCC is more than just a Calgary events venue. It’s a place full of possibilities. Here, ideas grow and flourish, lives intertwine, and tiny moments ripple out across the world. Our team of experts, partners, and visionaries dig deep to realize our vision of providing connected and unique spaces, creating boundless experiences. We help our guests enjoy events to the fullest, inspired by our surroundings and surpassing every expectation along the way. When you walk through our doors, each step takes you closer to a more exciting future – waiting for you to arrive.

Our mission is to create experiences that empower communities to connect, share, celebrate, and grow.

Our History

The first purpose-built convention centre in Canada, the CTCC originally opened its doors in 1974 with our south building. In 2000, we expanded with our north building, cementing our place as one of the largest events venues not only in Calgary, but all of Alberta. In our fifty years of hosting, we’ve welcomed many illustrious guests through our doors and into our meeting rooms – from our local community guests of all ages to visiting presidents and prime ministers,  royalty, pop culture icons, and world-changing entrepreneurs.

History of the CTCC

Land Acknowledgement

The Calgary TELUS Convention Centre hosts live events, facilitating connections and promoting the convergence of ideas that may have never existed – taking inspiration from Wîchîspa (Win-Cheese-Pah), Guts’ists’i (Goo-tist-see) and Moh’kinsstis (Moh-gihn-s-tis), the confluence of the Bow and Elbow Rivers.

Land Acknowledgement - CTCC

Our Collective Responsibility

Ever since our inception, we’ve earned our place as a leader in our industry – not only in the events we hold, but also in the way we interact with our community and minimize our environmental impact. We believe it is our collective responsibility to work together in being a safe gathering placer for our employees, community, clients, and delegates.

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Our Downtown Community

We’ve partnered with nearby shops, restaurants, and hotels to ensure our guests get the most out of every moment. Whether you’re strolling Stephen Avenue on a warm summer day or exploring the indoor +15 Skywalk in winter, there’s plenty to experience within a short walking distance.

Safety & Security

Safety is a team effort at every event. We want all patrons and guests to have a great time and even better memories – and that all starts with the knowledge that our facilities are safe spaces, and each area is properly monitored and cleaned to the highest standards.


We’re committed to creating an accessible space that all people can enjoy equally. This is an ongoing process with constant development, because we are always learning and incorporating new information into our facility’s capabilities and offerings.

Annual Reports

2022 Annual Report

2021 Annual Report

2020 Annual Report

2019 Annual Report

Wellington Holbrook

Chairman of the Board of Directors

Photo of Wellington

“Here at the CTCC, we believe that even small connections can inspire something profound – and we dedicate ourselves to making those connections possible. We’re so delighted to have you join us as we enter a new era for our facility, our city, and beyond.”

Kurby Court

President & CEO

Photo of Kurby Court

“Our work is all about building relationships, bringing people together, and making space for collaboration and new ideas. We make it happen with fresh perspectives and a holistic view of every event, large and small.”

Carol McQuade

Vice President, Finance

Photo of Carol McQuade

“If you can dream of it, we can bring it to life at the CTCC – with the support of local partners, a dynamic facility, and a dedicated team of subject matter experts to make the entire process seamless.”