Collective responsibility

Responsible impact isn’t just a catchphrase, it’s how we operate. Through our events, experiences, and operations, we purposefully create a better world. Our collective responsibility includes acting on principle and doing what’s right—not because it’s easy, but because—through our actions—we believe we can help build a world of balance, belonging and equity.

Each day is an opportunity to create a safe gathering place for all who enter our doors.

CTCC Collective Responsibility

Diversity & Inclusion

At the core of our operations lives a commitment to diversity and inclusion. In partnership with esteemed organizations like the Canadian Centre for Diversity and Inclusion (CCDI), we intentionally create spaces that welcome and respect all visitors, employees and community members.

We’re a Living Wage Employer

As a Living Wage Employer, accredited by the Alberta Living Wage Network, we take pride in ensuring our employees thrive both on and off the job. Proper compensation reflects the immense value they provide our teams. We believe in nurturing active, contributing members to Calgary’s rich and vibrant community.

Green Key Certification opens our doors to a sustainable future

The Calgary TELUS Convention Centre’s commitment to the environment goes beyond policy. It is a heartfelt promise. In 2018, the National Air Filtration Association recognized our beautiful spaces with the Clean Air Award for exceptional indoor air quality. And in 2022, we received Green Key Certification for our environmental protection and sustainability practices.

As the first building in Alberta to be certified by the Building Owners and Managers Association Go Green program, our commitment to sustainability has been leading the way for over 25 years.

So what’s our secret? We focus on five key areas of sustainability:

We’re grateful that our achievements are getting noticed. Solar panels, reducing electrical consumption, low-flow water fixtures, extensive recycling and reduction programs, and renewable green power initiatives are just some of the ways we’re creating a clean, breathable, eco-friendly centre for all to enjoy.

At the Calgary TELUS Convention Centre, each event makes a difference.