Everyone is welcome at the Calgary TELUS Convention Centre. That’s our commitment. It goes beyond meeting Federal, Provincial and local regulations—it’s about creating a space for people of all abilities. We are on a mission to continuously improve our facilities so that every guest feels valued. And we’re only successful if all visitors feel how integral they are to what makes our Centre an incredible place to be.

An inclusive environment for all

Building access and doorways: We have replaced most exterior and high traffic interior doors with automatic doors and external entry points. We equip them with touchless automatic door sensors. All entry points to meeting rooms can accommodate wheelchairs and scooters. You can reach each of our client and public access floors by elevator and escalator.

Elevators: You can reach all CTCC meeting rooms via our braille-equipped elevators. We have installed bumper safety systems, and buttons that are accessible from a wheelchair or scooter, making sure each guest can move through our spaces with ease.

Emergency procedures: In the event of an emergency, the Calgary TELUS Convention Centre uses strobe and sound alarms. We have trained our security personnel in emergency first-aid and fire/safety procedures. With your safety at the forefront of all considerations, we have fully equipped first-aid rooms in each of our buildings.

Food and beverage: Please let us know about any dietary restrictions. During hosted meals, we can customize our menus so your guests can choose from dairy-free, vegan, vegetarian and gluten-free options.

General accessibility: Public entry points are fully accessible. Our vehicle drop-off point is on 9th Avenue SE, east of the Marriott Hotel. If you’re arriving by public transit, exit at the Centre Street (Eastbound) or 1st (Westbound) stations and proceed barrier-free to the main doors off Stephen Avenue.

Guest services: The Calgary TELUS Convention Centre trains Guest Services staff, volunteers and other public facing personnel to assist people with disabilities. We’re here to help you navigate our facility while experiencing exceptional service. You can find Guest Services on the main floor of the North Building, or reach them at (403) 261-8500.

Parking: The Calgary TELUS Convention Centre is home to an on-site underground parking garage in the North Building with 7 accessible stalls. It connects to the main floor of the North Building via an elevator equipped with braille and foot levers.

Restrooms: Our restroom facilities are accessible by many types of wheelchairs. And each contains motion-enabled soap, water and dryer stations. If it’s desired, we can convert restroom facilities to gender neutral facilities. Let us know and we’ll make it so.

Service animals: Qualified guide and service animals are more than welcome at the Calgary TELUS Convention Centre. However, we do not allow animals or pets that are not service animals. For clarification, a service animal is an animal individually trained by an organization or person specializing in service dog training. The service animal is present to perform specific tasks related to a person’s disability. While we’d love to greet your fur babies, if they aren’t service animals, we ask that you leave them at home.

Wayfinding signage: Navigating the CTCC is now more intuitive. Our wayfinding enhancements use contrasting colours and easily recognized symbols. We’ve strategically placed buttons for guests in wheelchairs and scooters, ensuring ease of use. Additionally, we’re upgrading our meeting room signage to include braille, reinforcing our commitment to make getting around the CTCC easier for all.

Website: By enhancing accessibility on our website, we’re making sure every guest feels welcome. We’re focusing on key improvements in appearance, functionality, and content. This extends to our social media policy, ensuring that our digital presence is as accessible as our facilities. Online and in person, all are welcome.

Wheelchair availability: At the Calgary TELUS Convention Centre, we offer wheelchairs for rent on a first-come, first-serve basis. For more details or to arrange a rental, please reach out to our Guest Services Team. We’re here to assist.