Exhibit at the Calgary TELUS Convention Centre

Exhibit at The CTCC

Exhibitor Possibilities

When you want to make an impression, you need a space that matches your vision. The Calgary TELUS Convention Centre is just the place – full of possibilities and ideas, with endless expressions of your own unique touch and all the tools necessary to create something meaningful and memorable.

Immerse yourself in the thrilling atmosphere of downtown Calgary and host an exhibition event that people will talk about through the entire city and far beyond. Whether you’re managing the entire show or manning a single booth on the floor, with our expert teams and resources at your side you’ll find guidance and the path to success at every step.

Exhibition Information

Internet & WiFi

We have made sure to integrate technology and connectivity into our space, offering wired and wireless internet throughout the facility that is reliable, fast, and customizable to suit your needs.  For all connectivity requirements, please contact our in-house team.

Show Services

We are proudly partnered with Global Convention Services for customized rental furnishings, specializing in tradeshow and special events rentals. 

Furnishing & Decor

We work with Decor and More, who will provide expertise in all aspects of event design, graphics, and builds, if you require it.

Food and Beverage

Make sure your exhibitors and attendees get the fuel they need for a long day out on the floor with a customized, comprehensive menu from our partners at the Calgary Marriott Downtown Hotel.

Audio Visual

Our partners at Encore provide the latest in audiovisual and digital technology rentals, allowing you to make a lasting impact and a big impression. Contact the Event Manager for further details and assistance in procuring what you need.

Safety & Security

Our on-site security teams are always around to ensure the safety and enjoyment of everyone at an exhibition or event. In addition to that, our facility’s housekeeping and maintenance staff clean thoroughly at regular intervals or as needed, complying with the safety requirements of a post-pandemic world.

The CTCC Loading Docks

There are two loading docks, North and South, going into those respective buildings. They vary in their incline slope, maximum height, and overall capacity. Check in with our Dock Master for more information.


We are proud to be an accessible space and are working closely with community partners on full accessibility for people of all abilities and needs, across our entire facility. If you have questions or concerns about a particular need, please do not hesitate to reach out to our team to discuss how we can best serve you and your guests.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Our venue is fully equipped to meet all your digital needs. Learn about our technology and connectivity.

All venue spaces are carpeted except Exhibition Hall, which has epoxy-coated concrete.

The Calgary TELUS Convention Centre has shown its commitment to sustainability for over 25 years by striving to create an environmentally friendly event space. Our award-winning sustainability program focuses on five key areas: resource consumption, waste reduction and recycling, building materials, interior environment, and tenant awareness. Read more about our sustainability work here.

Our Glen area and several of our pre-function spaces provide access to Stephen Avenue, which is extremely pedestrian friendly.

Exhibition Hall E and our pre-function areas feature floor-to-ceiling windows that let in beautiful natural light. The Glen area also has skylights, and the outdoor patio is bathed in natural light as well.

With the exception of service animals, pets and other animals are not permitted in the CTCC unless written approval has been obtained from the CTCC prior to the animal’s arrival. To apply for approval, please contact our Occupational Health and Safety department at 403-261-8535 and request the Animal Authorization Request Form.

The exclusive caterer of the Calgary TELUS Convention Centre is the Calgary Marriott Downtown Hotel. If you wish to hand out food or beverages from other providers, prior permission must be granted by the Calgary Marriott Downtown Hotel. For more information, please see the Exhibitor Standard Catering Form in your Exhibitor Package or contact 403-261-8500 and ask to speak to the Catering Manager for your event.

To order internet, telecommunication, water, or compressed air, please contact Global Convention Services by email at calgary@globalconvention.ca.

To order audiovisual services, please contact Encore by phone at 403-261-8594.

To order electrical, furniture, equipment, shipping, or material handling, please contact Global Convention Services by email at calgary@globalconvention.ca.

The north loading dock is located at 705 1 St SE in Calgary. By vehicle, drive south on 1 St SE (one-way going south) and stay in the right lane. Immediately after 7thAvenue (C-Train tracks), you will see the entrance to the loading dock. Turn and drive to the top of the ramp. On the right-hand side, you will see the Calgary TELUS Convention Centre Loading Dock.

For more information, read our loading dock information or contact us at 403-261-8583 or e-mail calgarydock@globalconvention.ca.

This information is included in your Exhibitor Manual. If you still have questions, please contact your show services provider for assistance.

Please download the Exhibitor Building Regulations for information on all building and fire regulations. These requirements have been developed with Calgary Fire Department. For further information, please see the Calgary Fire Department Indoor Special Event Requirements posted on the City of Calgary website, or contact 403-261-8535 or email ehscommittee@calgary-convention.com.

Global Convention Services’s on-site desk is located on the show floor area during show move-in. Staff will be available during the show hours and move out on the loading dock area. The Calgary TELUS Convention Centre’s on-site desk is located on the main floor of the North Building at the Guest Services desk.