Exhibit services

From the grandest vision to every minute detail, our team is ready to help you create a stand-out event.

Show services

It’s ordinary for our customers to expect the extraordinary. Because that’s what we promise. And delivering on that promise is why our customer relationships endure. Your event is carefully overseen by one of our devoted Event Managers as each detail comes to life the way you envisioned. That includes your guests savouring culinary masterpieces, both standard and bespoke, perfectly crafted by our award-winning team.

As for equipment, you’re in for a treat. Our expert partners, Encore, provide cutting-edge audio visual and digital technology. And for all your furnishing needs, Global Convention Services brings over 30 years of national experience in tradeshow and special event rentals. Alongside these partners, delivering the extraordinary is an ordinary part of our business.

Please reach out to Samara to learn more.

Samara De Wolfe
(403) 461-9448

Technology & connectivity

Our world-class facility and staff bring your event to life with ease. That starts with simple-to-use computer kiosks, registration tablets, and even internet cafes.

Responding to an ever-changing landscape of tech needs, our rental options cover a diverse range—from Windows-based desktop computers with crisp 24-inch monitors to easy-to-use laptops, hubs, routers, and switches.

While they enjoy your event, guests will connect easily within our Cisco network environment. Select from our basic shared high-speed option for quick and easy access—or upgrade to our premium dedicated high-speed for more intricate needs.

We will work with you to ensure your event is as connected as it needs to be. Choose from up to 128 routable IP addresses or an unlimited number of dynamic IPs. And with full wireless coverage, you can stay on the move and stay connected. Sophisticated tech solutions at the CTCC are only ever one click away—literally.

Talk to Samara to get started.

Samara De Wolfe – Global Show Services

Audio visual

Seamless and dynamic events are stories well told. A vital element of each story is how you convey your messages. We proudly partner with Encore to deliver all in-house audio visual services and equipment. More than a partner, they’re integral to our team, with dedicated professionals collaborating closely with planners to ensure we realize your vision.

Your message deserves the finest in audio visual treatment. Encore delivers exactly that.

Reach out to Doug at Encore to learn more.

Encore Canada – Doug Jewell

Decor & furnishings

Meet Decor & More, the most awarded event decor firm in the country. With nearly 30 years’ experience, their meticulous approach to events, concept and design, florals and organics, custom builds, imaging and graphics, soft goods and furniture helps our guests revel in masterfully designed experiences.

Whether a cozy gathering or a grand gala, you can transform ordinary places into unforgettable spaces with Decor & More.

Their sales team can take you through all their service offerings.

Décor & More – sales@decoreandmore.com

Loading docks

Loading dock specs

North Loading Dock:

Ramp Entering North Loading Dock from the street

Butterfly ramp:


North Freight Elevator:

 South Loading Dock:


Truck Elevator:

2 Other Elevators:

Macleod Pre-Function Ramp:

Delivery/Shipping Address

Calgary TELUS Convention Centre
Deliveries/Loading Dock
705 – First Street SE
Calgary, Alberta T2G 2G9


Global Show Services – Samara De Wolfe

Shipping & logistics

All conference and event materials must be sent to our north loading docking located at:

Calgary TELUS Convention Centre
Loading Dock
705 First Street SE
Calgary, Alberta T2G 2G9

For more information, please contact guestservices@calgary-convention.com

Shipping Your Exhibit Materials

All shipments, equipment, or items for your exhibit or tradeshow booth must arrive and depart through the designated loading dock.

All shipments must be prepaid. Collect shipments will not be accepted. Shipments scheduled to arrive prior to the first move-in date must be sent to the Global Convention Services warehouse. Please address the shipment as follows:

Tradeshow Name and Show Date
Exhibitor’s Company Name
Booth Number and Room Name
c/o Global Convention Services
9168 52nd Street SE Calgary, AB T2C 5A9

If shipments are sent to the CTCC prior to the first move-in date, they may be refused unless prior arrangements have been made with Global Convention Services.

Shipments scheduled to arrive during the move-in date(s) should be addressed as follows:

Tradeshow Name and Show Date
Exhibitor’s Company Name
Booth Number and Room Name
c/o Calgary TELUS Convention Centre North Loading Dock
705 – 1st Street S.E. Calgary, Alberta T2G 2G9 CANADA

All shipments delivered to the CTCC loading docks may be subject to a material handling charge from Global Convention Services. Exhibitors may also be subject to a transportation fee for freight brought from a hotel or the parkade.

Exhibitors are responsible for all courier, customs, brokerage services, etc. for their booth. If you require assistance with this, please contact Global Convention Services at 1-888-417-4449.

Exhibitor materials, equipment, etc. left behind after the move-out date will be subject to a storage fee charge, unless prior arrangements have been made with Global Convention Services. If the items are left for more than 30 days, they will be disposed of at the CTCC’s discretion.

The loading dock areas are for loading and unloading only. Vehicles left unattended will be towed at the owner’s expense.

Freight elevators, when in use, will be manned and controlled by operators with Global Convention Services or the CTCC.

For any other questions regarding shipping or material handling, please contact Global Convention Services at 403-273-8064 or by e-mail at calgary@globalconvention.ca.

Move In/Out, Set Up and Tear Down Information

Items pre-shipped will be delivered as per arrangements made with the show services provider.

Items that arrive via shipment on the move-in date will be delivered to your booth when it arrives. The delivery may be subject to material handling charges.

Set up and move-in/out can happen during the date(s) and times set out in your exhibitor manual.

Any items for your display must be set up within your allotted booth space. They must not be set up or left in any of the aisle space. No one under the age of 16 is permitted on the show floor during move-in/outs.

Move-out Procedures:

  • No move-out can happen until the scheduled move-out time, unless prior approval has been given by the show organizer.
  • All packing items, crates, etc. will be returned to the booth at the start of the move-out time.
  • Once all your materials are packed, please leave the materials in your booth and notify Global Convention Services that your materials have been packed.
    • If your materials are being picked up by a courier or trucking company, Global Convention Services will release them.
    • If you’re taking the materials with you, let Global Convention Services know, get your vehicle, and drive to the loading dock. Your materials will be delivered to your vehicle at the loading dock.

Custom Brokers

You can arrange international shipments through the following customs brokerage services:

Materials & handling

One of the reasons your event is sure to be a signature success is the hard work of our dedicated partners, Global Convention Services. As our exclusive material handling supplier and preferred display service contractor, they bring over 30 years of national experience in full-service tradeshow and special event rentals and contractor services.

From detailed floor plans and standout graphic design to materials and handling, Global Convention Services assists clients from their on-site office. Not only is your event in great shape, you’re in good hands as well.

Visit Global Convention Services for more.